Vacation in Napa Valley and Big Sur!

After Tim and I shot the Mil Valley wedding and the engagement shoot in Livermore, we took our time getting back to Santa Barbara. We stopped off in Napa Valley for a couple days where we bought and tasted a ton of yummy wine, admired the scenery and ate some pretty amazing food!

Here we are at Sterling Vineyards where we bought a tasty ’05 pinot gris

After living like kings in Napa we decided to rough it in Big Sur. Tim and I have always joked about how we like to either be sitting in the lap of luxury or to be completely without. And this trip was exactly that! While we thoroughly enjoyed Napa we also had a blast camping at Big Sur. It is such a beautiful place and there was a ton of stuff to do there!

We enjoyed a short but scenic hike to Pfeifer Falls

Along the way, evidence of springtime abounded 😉

After that hike we cruised along Hwy 1 stopping off to take pictures of the coast and other gorgeous places

One of the locals told us about a fire road that went to an awesome place down near the ocean. So we found that road and hiked down it, at the bottom we discovered a tunnel that was once used for ships to pass their cargo’s through; we also spotted a decent sized creek that flowed right to the ocean. We spent a lot of time here with our cameras… so fun!!

In spite of all the fun we had it is good to be back in Santa Barbara working away on our Wedding and Portrait photography businesses!

Oh, I almost forgot! Tim put up a slide show of our little vaca that you can view here

God Bless you guys!

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