How to photograph your walls so we can create real-time edits of artwork ON YOUR WALLS in our design software (showcasing your artwork actual size on your walls)

Step 1) Tape a piece of paper to the wall (8.5×11 letter paper is easy, but any paper you have, if you can measure the longest length and tell us the size, we can make do)

Step 2) Step as FAR back from the wall as you can – we need to be able to see as much floor and ceiling as possible (the more of the room you can show, the better we can design a piece to fit)

Step 3) Make sure you are standing/facing straight at the wall (if you are at an angle we can’t use the photo to show a real representation of your artwork. If you’re trying to photograph a hallway and there’s just not space to get far enough back, no problem, take the photo anyway so we can see the space)

Step 4) Text or email the photo to use (805.252.6097 or [email protected])

These are two examples of what does NOT work:

This is TOO close:

This is too much of an angle.

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