We just got back from 12 days of splendid honeymoo…

We just got back from 12 days of splendid honeymooning in Cabo San Lucas!!! It was SOOOO relaxing! (I think it might be my first true vacation in like 2 years) (Cheryl wisely talked me out of bringing my laptop with me for the honeymoon. I was kinda freaked out about the idea of being away from email for that long [I figured out, without letting Cheryl know, that I could check email from my Blackberry. Sadly though, the Blackberry wouldn’t check email while we were down there!!!] Thankfully, going cold turkey on email worked, it didn’t bug me one bit!!)

I think we both decided that Cabo is pretty over rated. We both love an adventure, and experiencing something outside of our cultural norm, and Cabo was definitely not that. It was all totally tourist oriented. But regardless, we had such an amazing time together, relaxing, enjoying the warm (did I say warm???) waters of the Sea of Cortez, riding a waverunner down the coast, snorkeling, exploring on mopeds, and offroading in a rented jeep!!! 🙂

We actually spent very little time taking pictures (I know, you were all expecting sooo much more from us, but come on!! this was our honeymoon!!!) 🙂

On our first day exploring outside of Cabo we drove up to Todos Santos and explored some galleries there. We saw quite a few where Americans have moved down there and opened up shop with some of their locally inspired work, but the one gallery that truly stood out to us was that of Gabo. What an amazingly talented painter!!! I LOVE his modern abstract paintings and wish I could have purchased a few.

Gabo’s wife sent us to their home where we met Gabo and he took me and Cheryl on a personal tour of his work space. He has a room with the most amazing light coming in through skylights! Check out his website http://www.gaboart.com for a little more info (it’s in spanish) Sadly, none of the work we saw in his multiple galleries is on his site.

We spent a good portion of the day tooling around Todos Santos taking pictures of the town, sky, and each other.

The coolest part about being married definitely has to be that you get to use all of your wife’s awesome nail files!! My nails have never looked so nice!!! 🙂

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