We shot an amazing wedding today at the Bela…

We shot an amazing wedding today at the Belair Bay Club.

23 thoughts on “We shot an amazing wedding today at the Bela…”

  1. i love this picture.. its a very romantic feel..and it gives me the feeling of something true and real… hey when i get hitched one day i want you to take my pix.. hehe 🙂

  2. Whoo hoo!!! That’s so very cool! I really like your B & W’s. They really are great. Hang in there with the photo-a-day. I too am working on improving my ability as an artist and am working on a painting a day. So far I’ve not been successful but I’m limping along.

    Oh, as a side. I’m going to a wedding at the end of this month. I’m making the wedding cake. This will be my forth wedding cake in two years. I hope it’s my last for a very long time!!

  3. love your angles! I’m commin back every day to see more! Love the close ups! You can really capture emotions!

  4. You’re more than welcome to use my photos as a desktop background. That would be a great compliment.

    thank you 🙂

  5. This is probably the most amazing photograph I have ever seen. The hands and the ring was just phenomenal. Makes a girl just want to run out and get married. Thats a picture that just shows love in the hands alone.

  6. These pictures are AMAZING! I’m completely blown away by your work. Congratulations on a fantastic job. I’m sure the bride and groom were pleased with the pictures.

  7. I’m a hand picture junkie. I love that gorgeous hand picture. I keep wondering – did she marry an older guy (those are some older looking man hands next to her youthful hands) — or is it the Priest? Her father? … And whose hand is that girly hand coming up from the bottom? Her other hand? Her mom’s hand? The bridesmaid? … Can’t stop looking at it. It’s really just perfect.

  8. Hehe… yeah, that’s her dad checking out her ring. So it’s the bride’s two hands and her father’s hands. It was a great moment.

  9. Wow! Wish you were around when we were hitched! The picture of the bride is brilliant. What a great talent.

  10. what can i say? you’ve captured the moment. the pictures say it all. that woman in her wedding dress, it’s got more to it than just a picture..
    keep up the good work.

  11. I thought the photos were amazing. I really enjoyed the framing. Nothing like capturing the momemnt with photography

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