We watched “I am Legend” tonight. It was awesome and not

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Cheryl and I spent the day today shopping our hearts out with our Christmas money. We decided before Christmas even arrived that any money we received for Christmas was going straight into our clothing allowance.

We joined the throngs out shopping today (honestly, it really wasn’t that bad) and headed to Nordstrom Rack and the Camarillo Outlets to find some fun new outfits.

On top of money, we also received some sweet passes to Edwards Cinema (which just so happens to be right next-door to the outlets) so we ended the evening with a little date to the movies.

Both of us have wanted to see “I am Legend” and were excited to finally sit down and find out what it is all about. The trailers were intriguing enough.

I think we both came out super captivate by the ideas and images of the movie, but the ending… well, I think both of us would have much rather seen the movie go on for another hour or just some other ending.

We were both on edge the entire movie. Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever watched a movie that I was so worked up as to what was going to happen next that as soon as the movie was over I could actually begin to feel myself breathing deeper again and my body begin to relax. It was surely suspenseful, and lots of fun action, and an interesting story line. But, I’ve NEVER seen a movie come to such a climax, and then just end… poof… done… no room for a continued story line, everything wrapped up, action comes to an end, you can go home now. No real possibility for a sequel. That’s still tripping me out a little bit.

I don’t know if I would recommend seeing this movie or not. It was an AWESOME movie, but the ending just killed it for me. If anyone reading this has seen this movie, or if you go watch it, please come back here and leave a comment with your thoughts, cause I’d like to know what others thought about the ending.

Oh, and by the way it still trips me out a bit to watch the Fresh Prince of BelAire acting in seriously roles and doing a darn good job of it. I wonder if Will Smith would have thought of himself doing this kind of acting back in the day.

9 thoughts on “We watched “I am Legend” tonight. It was awesome and not”

  1. Ugh… I didnt realize it was about zombies when i went with the guys! My heart was beating so fast I thought I went to the gym for an hour and a half!!!

  2. Tim! I totally agree with you on most points and even Kenny’s comment. I couldn’t help but think of the pitch meeting, “It’s like Cast Away, but a thriller – and it takes place in New York City. Oh, and we’ll have zombies!” Anyways, I was likewise on the edge of my seat the entire time. I do think that the zombies were a little too unrealistic for me though. A bit far fetched on that one, and the ending totally bugged. It was entertaining and thrilling throughout, but I felt a little suckered with the ending. Really? It ends like that? That’s it? Kudos to Will Smith for his acting ability. Who would’ve thought the “Fresh Prince” would become so legit? Anyways, we need to kick it soon. Have you seen “Juno” yet?

  3. I totally agree with you about that movie. It was great the whole time then just ended on such a weird note. I give props to Will Smith for his acting though. It was like Cast Away on land.

    By the way, I’m visiting SB again in Jan (going to DJ’s workshop). Will I see you then?

  4. Funny story I went with Jeff last night and we both were so freaked out that we left the theatre. The part that sent us running was when he brought the 1st zombie home to run the labs on and she started screaming. It was soooo scary! What was the ending? I want to know.

  5. POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT…. DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You might be able to figure out the end by what I am about to type.

    Ok, I LOVED THE MOVIE!!! Ending and all. It was sooo good. I literally shook the whole time. My husband asked me if I was cold… NO! I’M SCARED! I screamed out loud a lot… He loves it when I do that. LOL

    As far as the ending… Considering all that happened in the “beginning” of the story, don’t you think the ending WAS a “happy” ending?

  6. Okay…I went to see this movie and I hate scary movies. I’ve had crazy zombie nightmares twice nights since seeing this. My two year old was even a zombie in one of them and I kept trying to not let him eat me while not trying to hurt him…I should not see these movies.

    I didn’t mind the ending, but there were a whole bunch of other things that I thought made it dumb. Great for the adrenalin junky if you like that. Lame if you analyze movies too much.

  7. I thought it was good enough to see twice (which I did!) Sure the ending could have been better but it was still a great movie. Will Smith did an awesome job. I love movies that have me thinking well after it is over and this did just that…I would recommend it to anyone who doesn’t mind holding their breath for an hour! Only thing that bothered me, why did the infected people have super-human strength, they were like spiderman and superman all in one!

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