Wedding day

Wedding day

14 thoughts on “Wedding day”

  1. I wish someone had a picture of you taking all those pictures. Seems you must look silly getting all those fascinating angles.

  2. Hands down the photo of the guy’s tie is a killer. What was your inspiration to take that photo? Was it a predetermined photo opt or something spur of the moment?

  3. Hey Guys,

    Seriously, thanks for the support, I’m glad you like what you are seeing. Ruben, thanks, the inspiration for the photo, I believe I’d seen my boss do that kind of shot before, his was more straight on, so I’m always kinda looking for that at weddings now, and at this one, it happened to be more from the side, and it turned out awesome with the red car super out of focus in the back. It was “predetermined/spur of the moment in one” 🙂

    Caro, I guess my most simple advice would be just to play around a TON and shoot all sorts of angles and see what you like.

  4. Sigh! Yet another group of pics I love! I agree with Stacy LOL! Someone taking a pic of you taking a pic in these awesome angle shots that you take! 🙂 I love the men walking away, all wearing white! Classic 🙂

  5. very nice- the jounalistic approach to weddings was what I always strived for- unfortunately the market i was in at the time was looking for cookie cutter shots- the reason i left it.

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