Wedding Location Directory – Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and more

Over the last few years we have had the opportunity to photograph weddings at a bunch of really fun and beautiful wedding locations in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Francisco and across the country. As a result we have a large number of brides emailing me asking if they can see photos of different locations to see what the location looks like before they go visit.

After hearing so many brides ask us if we can show them photos of different locations to help them make up their mind about which location would fit their wedding best, as well as to get ideas of different ways to decorate their wedding and reception location, we realized we should create a wedding locations directory on our site to share with everyone.

So, although it’s still hugely a work-in-progress our Santa Barbara Wedding Location Directory is live. We have tried to keep the layout simple and straight-forward, but if you have any feedback on things you’d like to see added just let us know and we’ll keep adding and upgrading the directory.

Wedding Locations Directory for Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ojai, Montecito and beyond

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