Wedding photographers and blogging

Tonight I had the opportunity to speak at the Santa Barbara Pictage Users Group (PUG).

We had a panel discussion for a group of about 20 fellow wedding photographers on the finer points of blogging! It was a great opportunity for myself to get ideas and inspiration for a few blogs I hope to launch in the next couple of weeks!

It was also a blast to share some of my geek knowledge! (I love anything techie, so speaking to questions about meta data and SEO definitely stoked me out!)

It was a bit intimidating being on stage with two amazing photographers! Sara France is an awesome and successful wedding photographer based out of San Diego. Amelia Lyon is my new inspiration! Her most recent post on her blog of her sister’s wedding blows me away!

Sara and Amelia had some great insight into their blogs, their use of software based blogging programs and why they blog!

I had a blast and I hope everyone who attended walked away with some new knowledge!

It was really cool because there was at least one person in attendance who wasn’t a wedding photographer, but wanted to learn about blogging for his personal training business! Adam Shipley of Fueled Sports Performance was on hand to learn a bit more on this topic as he prepares to launch his own blog! I can’t wait to hear what he posts about! (especially seeing as I’m in the middle of trying to get my crazy self into better shape!)

(I’ll try and scam some pictures off of someone and post those up in the a.m.)

From left to right: Sara France, Amelia Lyon, Me/Tim Halberg.

It was really cool to see my good friends Mike and Rachel Larson in attendance!

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