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We loved working with Tim Halberg for our wedding! He was fun, friendly, and easy to work with right from the start. This was super important as we were not only working with a professional, but someone that we could relate to like a good friend. This made us much more comfortable on the wedding day too! Our photos turned out beautifully -- he captured both the biggest and smallest moments, making guests comfortable and having fun, while also being discreet when it mattered. Would definitely recommend anyone to work with Tim! - Justin

Capture the wedding day moments that matter most

I went to school for commercial photography and earned a BA perfecting my techniques for lighting and photography. I was taught sooo much technical information that the art form of things was nearly lost. But then one day a wedding photographer came to speak at our school (Mike Colon), and my friends and I went to heckle him. At a commercial photography school, wedding photographers were considered to have come up short on photographer career goals. So, walking into the talk I was ready to fire away as a cocky/arrogant college student who knew better than this man.

Halfway through his talk, I saw how he was able to create emotional and meaningful photography for his clients, how much joy it brought him and his couples, and how everything I’d learned from commercial photography could be brought to the table AND be combined for my extrovert LOVE for being around people. By the end of the talk, I looked at my roommate and said, “I think I’m gonna be a wedding photographer.” My roommate immediately told me I’d officially wasted my education. I never looked back. I’d found a new freedom in my photography and my creativity that only wedding photography allows.

Then I hired a business mentor, and he pushed me to focus my wedding photography on things that I personally am “passionate” about - that word gets thrown around a lot in this industry. My mentor told me what I am truly passionate about would be something that someone could and would claim in their own business NOT to stand for. We spent 6 months with him poking and prodding at me, nuancing and exploring - and after half a year of self reflection, I came out the other side knowing what truly drives me as a human being and what I’m looking for in couples who are a good fit for me - Active. Adventurous. Mischievous.


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Wedding Photography

On this page, you'll find information about my wedding photography, including collections and pricing, as well as images from previous sessions and resources to help you prepare. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

How I work

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I love emails, but even better, let's hop on the phone and chat. More often than not, this gives you a feel if I would be a good fit, and I can get you more detailed answers on pricing - PLUS - my photography emerges from getting to know you two, so this is the first step in EPIC photos.

Planning Calls


After your consultation and booking with me, I'd love to do a few planning calls - talk timeline, find out about your wedding's "red dot" (ask me, it's a thing, and I don't know any other photographers who have figured it out) From these calls, we'll figure out how to make BADASS wedding photos JUST FOR YOU!

Wedding Day


I normally arrive early to begin scouting - to check if there is anything for the day I need to adjust to on the fly and just get into the moment and mentally prepared to create meaningful photography for you. After the wedding, I will deliver a sneak peak of my favorites photos within five days.

Gallery & Products


The last step is delivery. I'm a HUGE believer in artwork - be that wall art, or wedding books - when you see your photos in print, they truly come to life. Yes, you'll get the high res files, and an online gallery - you can share away on instagram and facebook (credit please!!) but let's make your photos live somewhere and not die online.

Tim photographed our wedding in Sonoma and he was fantastic! He captured so many amazing candid shots that were very special. Looking through the pictures he really told a story. I felt that the wall art was a must and I never tire of looking at our beautiful photos on the dining room wall. He has a great personality, he’s very witty and we highly recommend him! - Laura

My promise

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I will take the time to connect with you both before your wedding to learn what is true to you as a couple, about important relationships that may be present for the day and ultimately giving me the biggest “cheat” to knock your photos out of the park.

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Coverage options range from $1,900 to $30,000+ depending on the date, number of hours/days needed, number of guests, location/travel and artwork delivered.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes - most of my couples will utilize my insights to figure out the best location as well as the best time of day for photography at that location. 

I don’t aim for a number. I hear too often, "Joe said he will deliver at least 100 photos per hour.” My approach to photography is quality over quantity. I used to never state a number range because I wanted to knock every delivered photo out of the park and not worry if we ended up with 196 EPIC photos vs. a promised 250 and now digging back in to find 54 add-on photos to fulfill the promise.
BUT so many couples are comforted by numbers - most of my couples will see 40 photos per hour or more. I’d LOVE to chat about my shooting style over the phone, but needless to say, I embrace the ADHD and am creating photos constantly. My goal is as many amazing photos as possible, without relying on a high number to impress you.
HELL YES! I HATE that this even needs to be a question. It broke my heart when a mom texted me this asking for her son.
Absolutely, I’ve worked with some of the best and am stoked to point you the right direction.
Let’s get your date reserved and the general area where you’d like to get married selected, and then I’d LOVE to share all of my secrets!
No, sometimes, yes. For my local areas (Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Napa/Sonoma regions), I don’t charge travel fees. If you are looking to elope somewhere beyond these primary wedding locations, let me know and depending on what you are looking for, a travel fee may or may not apply. (That said, I’m a sucker for a great bottle of wine).

I do. More and more, I have focused on elopement photography, but I do still take on several larger weddings each year.

Ah, the age old “cheat” from lesser experienced photographers. I LOVE engagement sessions, BUT only newer photographers need this cheat to create good photos. I run a full-time portrait studio and have been photographing weddings since 2005. I know how to work with couples to create natural, candid photos that show them at their best. Between our calls ahead of your wedding day to how we interact the day itself, I will get to know you and help put you at ease.
That said, if you’d like an engagement session, I would be STOKED to do one with you. If you have been convinced by a magazine/website or newer photographer that this is a MUST as a “get to know you” thing, let’s just grab a drink or a bite to eat and do a real “get to know you."
Well… that depends, who’s asking? I tell Google and Yelp things to help them help me show up where I work. BUT I live in Folsom, CA, just outside of Sacramento (yes, Johnny Cash, Folsom Prison). And we have a portrait studio just up the hill in El Dorado Hills. But I’ve grown up my entire life in Yosemite and exploring the Sierra Nevada. Yosemite and the Eastern Sierra are my jam. I don’t know EVERY spot, but I’d venture to guess I know more than most.

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Tim is an amazing photographer. He was very invested in our vision for the wedding. He is great fun, but more so, extremely professional. He is a pleasure to work with and his pictures are beautiful. We wish we could have another wedding just to see more of his pictures. Thank you Tim for the beautiful memories. - Julie

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Internationally Published, Voted Top 100 In The World - Tim Halberg is a Northern California Adventure Elopement and Destination Wedding Photographer obsessed with the outdoors.

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