What an AWESOME Wedding in New Jersey!!!

This weekend we had an AMAZING time photographing Teresa and Jack’s wedding in the beautiful and ever so green Garden State/New Jersey!

Jack and Teresa are an awesome couple with an such a crazy/beautiful testimony to share. Jack is blind and shared his testimony during their wedding about how he has found such an awesome friend in God and been so truly redeemed. I’ve only truly cried at one wedding (it was mine own…) but man, I was working hard to keep the tears from rolling out as Jack and Teresa shared their awesome/gnarly testimonies.

I’m glad I was able to be a part of their wedding. These two are sooooo in love, and I think you can just see how obvious it is in all of their pictures together!

Check out the slideshow of their engagement pictures at the Crayola Crayon factory in Pennsylvania, wedding pictures from the ceremony at Central Baptist Church in Trenton New Jersey, and reception at the Prallsville Mill by clicking here.

Sorry for all of these pictures not loading right… somehow I buggered up the html coding and used uppercase letters for the file names rather than lower case…

Hope you guys enjoy!!

I can’t wait to get through approx. 20,000 pictures and share my favorites with you guys on here!!

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