What is happening to the American media, where did unbiased news reporting go???!!!

As the primary draws nearer and nearer (tomorrow!!) I’m appalled at our media outlets and their willingness to present their bias alongside of the news they report.

As a former newspaper reporter and editor, I can say that I believe newspapers have NO PLACE taking a stand/opinion as to which political candidates they support. I would go so far as to say that it is completey wrong and does not uphold the ethics of journalism for a news source to back a candidate by giving an endorsement.

In journalism you are always taught not to take a side and to report both sides of the story fairly. Old-school journalism ethics would take this so far as to say that if you were covering an event, and anyone associated with the event offered you food or water or anything, you were to turn it down because this would cause undue bias in your coverage.

It’s tough enough to form sound opinions of political candidates with opposing ads calling out the “other side” as liars and such, but now to top that off with our “un-biased” media outlets choosing sides while attempting to report the news just doesn’t sit well with me.

But then again, those who know me would say they disagree with me… For a glimpse at a paper stating why they do endorse candidates and such, check out The Connecticut Post’s article.

What are your thoughts, should media outlets endorse politicians/candidates or not? Why or why not?

Either way, I’d hate to leave you without some pictures, so here are a few recent portraits I shot with some 3200 iso film, so creamy! 😉 (I’m making a habit of shooting a bit of film mixed in with all of our digital imagery.)

ISo 3200 film portrait

available light portrait santa barbara, ca

Ander with available light

Marky portrait available light

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