Wild Heart Winery and the power of blogging… WOW

This is pretty wild. (no pun intended at all) ๐Ÿ˜‰

As you can read below, I blogged the other day about Wild Heart Winery and their wine, and specifically their TERRIBLE customer service. I’ve already had one other person email me and say they have also had bad experiences in the tasting room with the staff/owners being rude bunch when they were there tasting. It’s really sad to hear that a business would be like that.

But, I find it a bit funny, Wild Heart Winery hasn’t put a website together for themselves yet… so, when I blogged about them, Google picked up my post, and it’s now on the first page of Google’s search results for “Wild Heart Winery”

Sorry Wild Heart, but hopefully next time you guys will attempt to treat your customer better.

Wild Heart Winery Los Olivos, Santa Ynez Winery

9 thoughts on “Wild Heart Winery and the power of blogging… WOW”

  1. haha… good catch man.

    Yeah, Wild Heart Winery.

    Wild Horse Winery was a truly AWESOME experience (I think they ended up giving us like 15 tastings in one visit!!!! and a bunch of barrel tastings!)

  2. What Doug said!

    John Harrington just had a post about happy customers generally telling 2-3 people and unhappy customers telling 10-12 people. Not sure of your blog stats, but I think you just told a whole lot more than that.

  3. surprised to hear of the bad experience.. we’ve been in the tasting room several times and have always been treated well. and they have cool retail stuff as well. haven’t spent a LOT of time there because one of our favorites, Consilience, is next door.. but it’s always been a favorable experience for us.. maybe they thought you were trying to sell them photo services instead of tasting wine?

  4. Hey Bob… totally agree, Wild Heart Winery’s wine is AMAZING!! they really know how to make good wine.

    Nope, I called to cancel my membership, and the woman on the phone refused to do so. That’s when things went downhill.

    Needless to say, Wild Heart Winery does make some good wine, but they don’t treat customers very well, especially one who just wanted to cancel a membership so they could come in (I only live 30 minutes away) and buy when I felt the need…

  5. When you make a contract with someone, you are expected to keep it or foor the bill, imagine, especially for a small business if they were lenient with everyone who called with some excuse, they can’t survive like that. So, get the shipment, what’s the big deal, it’s great stuff.. and cancel appropriately. Too bad that everyone can take out their personal little vendettas on the internet and try to hurt other people’s business, ridiculous. I love the people at Wild Heart and I love their wines!

  6. Hehe… Linda, I appreciate you sharing your feelings about Wild Heart Winery, they do make some decent wine especially on the Santa Barbara area level of wines for the most part, though I will say, last time I was tasting at Wild Heart Winery I wasn’t nearly as impressed.

    The people working there are nice people, but truly, I had a terrible experience with them, and if they had been able to open their eyes and deal with one customer who was calling on the phone in a kind manner, they would have won over a customer rather than pissing one off.

    Business is all about taking care of people…. (or I would hope that’s what businesses are doing)

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