Wild Heart Winery = great wine – TERRIBLE customer service…

I feel that my perspective in how I look at businesses I deal with for both business and personal purchases has been greatly sensitized by owning and running my own business.

I just had a sad experience today with Wildheart Winer (a local winery based out of Los Olivos, CA)  I LOVE their wine, it’s truly one of the better wines in the Santa Barbara region for non-Pinot grapes. Sadly, I needed to cancel their December wine club shipment. I called on the phone and asked if they could cancel this, but I was informed that they had already processed my credit card. The person on the phone was extremely hesitant to do this for me, and sounded rather offended that I would ask this and give less than 30 days notice.

I told her if this was something they could do I would really appreciate it. Instead of graciously saying yes we’d be happy to do this for you I was rudly told that she’d rather not do this, that they had already processed my card for next month’s shipment, and then she said she would have to charge a $25 processing fee to do so.

As a business owner myself I’m amazed that such a small business as Wildheart Winery would take this stand and risk possibly loosing a fairly loyal customer.

Instead of attempting to work with me on this, the woman on the other line said ok, and promptly hung up on me.

Lesson learned for myself… treat customers as you would like to be treated. I would NEVER treat one of my clients like this and would hope to never do business with a company that would.

Wild Heart Winery Los Olivos, Santa Ynez Winery

I’m really sad, cause I really liked their wines. 🙁

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