Wow… I had the most amazing conversation with De…

Wow… I had the most amazing conversation with Deyl Kearin and Mark Kuroda this morning over breakfast at Finestra Cafe!

Deyl is amazing with investments and was giving me some great insight into my own money matters.

I was truly inspired this morning to really get on top of owning and destroying my debt (which as a former Brooks student I have plenty of) so that I can begin to build investments in the future.

I went ahead and called all of my credit card companies and found out some really scary news… I’ve got INCREDIBLY high interest rates… it’s amazing what they’re able to charge for these things.

So, it’s time to pay down the debt. I wish I could come up with something brilliant like the “One Red Paper Clip” guy who was able to start trading with one red paper clip, and without spending a dime, finally was able to trade for a house. Crazy thing is, it only took him 1 year and ONLY 14 trades to realize his goal. Brilliant! Who would have thought the idea of a neighborhood kids game “Bigger or Better” would equate to something so big!

Anyone want to trade me for a compact flash card case?

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