Wow…. I just updated my business plan! What an awesome reflection on my wedding photography business for the past year!

My business plan originally took me about 3-4 weeks of hard work to thoroughly research and prepare.

Today I sat down and updated my business plan, and it’s amazing what a difference time makes. My business has been “official” for one and a half years now, and even in this short period of time I’ve already been able to see some awesome changes! It’s really exciting to sit down and actually detail all of these things out and learn about yourself.

We’ve always had a great amount of direction as to what we wanted to do with the business, but now I feel like I’ve been able to really get in there and define these things with more purpose.

I hope you all are able to spend some time looking over your goals, your mission, your past and your future and really think about the who, the why and the how.

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