Yikes!!! I got tagged

Three times!! So I guess that means it was destined to be?

Sandra Salisbury from the Los Angeles area, Jason Groupp from NYC, and Ross Tanner from Moldova all tagged me within the last week or two in a game of blog tag. I guess the deal is, I’ve gotta give out 8 little known facts about myself and then tag 8 other bloggers to do likewise.

This should be interesting, because I think you’re supposed to share things that people don’t know about you, but seeing as I have a “fast facts” section on my site where you can click through a ton of crazy weird facts about me, some of this might be old… but here it goes:

1) I once went through one of those Costco 1 gallon tubs of real mayo in less than 2 months!!!

2) I’ve owned 10 cars, 2 motorcycles and countless bikes

3) I was born breached

4) I’ve never been to Europe, but I want to go sooooo badly!!! (Cheryl keeps telling me about Italy, and between their wine and the scenery, it doesn’t sound half bad)

5) Growing up I went to 4 different elementary schools, all in one town!! (that’s every single public elementary school in Tehachapi, and we only had one junior high and one high school)

6) I’ve been cow tipping on multiple occassions, and sadly we could NEVER find a cow!!! (we lived near some pretty sizable ranches growing up, but when we’d see cows during the day and head back to the same area, they were never there)

7) I just learned the other day that yes, it’s fun to take innocent/ignorant people snipe hunting, but it’s even more cool when your buddy actually has tags on his hunting license to hunt snipe.

8) I’m crazy self concious about my belly, and it’s about time I got rid of it!!! (I swear I’m a girl!)(dj… no comments)

And now to tag:

David Jay
(Mentor/wedding photog/business genius)

Jefferson Todd
(Friend/wedding photog)

Andrew VanGundy
(Friend/wedding photog)

Michael Costa
(Friend/wedding photog-photographed my wedding)

Katie Moos
(Friend/wedding photog)

Mark Kuroda
(Friend/wedding photog)

Blaine Franger
(Friend/wedding photog/AMAZING stock photographer!!!)

Jose Villa

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