Yosemite Wedding Secret Locations and Special Concept Photos

As 2020 starts to ramp up in the BEST of ways – I’m pumped to have the creative juices flowing as much/more than ever.

I was inspired years ago at a photographer’s conference speaking with fellow photographer John Michael Cooper about concepts to bring to couples. At the time he was sharing some EPIC concepts he was doing for couples and ONLY offering them once, then he would never do them again. He asked me “what concepts do you have that you’re working on?” – I’m embarrassed to admit that at the time, I was ruined, my mind was blank, I had NOTHING.

Well, inspiration comes for those who wait – and this year I’ve got a LIST of concepts that I want to play with for couples. Epic Milky Way images specific to locations – some locations which have NEVER had a wedding couple ever do photos at before.

Most of these ideas are based around Yosemite National Park – some on the Lake Tahoe and Truckee regions, and some on the Northern California Coast.

BIG dramatic pieces of art. Delivered as finished fine art pieces ready to hang on your wall. Artistry like you have never seen applied to a wedding photo. (we’re bringing in our portrait artist who finished all of our Luxury Portraits for us – and we’re having her take a few select wedding portraits to a level that we’ve only dreamed of – but this year we’re making it a reality)

These concepts will require work – some require overnight backpacking or hiking, some will require not getting much sleep – but whichever you love – I know we’ll create a piece of art that you will cherish in your home for generations to come.

Hit me up with our contact form if this sounds like something you would be interested in exploring and I’d be stoked to share.

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