Planning a wedding or elopement in Yosemite National Park? Wondering what you need to know? What the best locations are? Looking for updates about what will be open or closed in Yosemite for your wedding in 2021?

What you need to know to get married in Yosemite National Park:

Permits - If you are eloping with few/no guests, then your wedding photographer needs a permit to photograph your elopement.

If you are having a wedding with guests, then you will be responsible for obtaining a permit. If you need a permit, you should get in touch with Catherine (she's amazing) and/or download the application through this link to the Yosemite NPS Wedding Permit Application.

Locations - (You can view my FAVORITE Yosemite Wedding Locations here)

Ceremonies: Yosemite National Park has a page with all of the official designated locations you can get married in the park that you can view here. BUT if you are having an elopement with few or no guests, you may be able to use a ton of other options beyond these (technically, anyone can go anywhere in the park). (My FAVORITE Yosemite Wedding Locations list can be found here. And if you need a yosemite wedding package for your date, let me know!

Receptions: Wedding reception locations in Yosemite vary from picnic areas to formal arrangements at the Awahnee or sites nearby/outside the park. The park uses a concessions company to run these venues and you can get more details from them here.

I have also written a guide to my favorite Yosemite wedding and elopement locations that you can see here.

Below you will find a photographic guide to all of the best locations to get married in and around Yosemite. If you want in on my secret spots that I've learned from a lifetime spent in/around Yosemite and Northern California, shoot me a message here. Or, you can download my E-Book with my Top 3 Things Your Photographer WISHES You Knew for free by going here.

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